When I’m watching the walking dead and I think they’re safe and no ones going to die for, at least, a couple more episodes and I can stay calm then BOOM ANOTHER FUCKING PERSON DIES UNEXPECTEDLY. I swear this show is an emotional roller-coaster but oh my god it’s amazing.

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I’m about to watch the season 5 finale of the vampire diaries and I don’t think I’m ready for this…

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I think sometimes that I really miss people and I do, but then I think back on how pety and horrible they were to fall out with me and gang up on me over something so ridiculous. It does make me upset but it’s just the fact that they had been my friends for years and then after one falling out (over practically nothing) it escalated into us not talking ever again. It also lead to me not wanting to go into school because I had no one to talk to, not wanting to go to prom because I knew my old ‘friends’ wouldn’t want me there and I just felt so upset at that fact. I sometimes think back in all the things we’ve been through and how I was a really good friend to them, and they can’t say I wasn’t. Whenever they needed me, I was there. But now it’s just all a faint blur and after around 6 years that’s very very sad. I sometimes, stupidly wonder if they ever miss me just sometimes. But idk this is stupid and it’s that time of night where you’re over emotional but I had to rant sorry.

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This scene was just so perfect, I cried. Clace is just meant to be and the twist made me cry even more… I need to see this movie again 😳❤😩 (Taken with GifBoom)

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This scene tho 😭😳💕 #clace#clary#jace#themortalinstruments#cityofbones#cinema##d#claryandjace#lilycollins#cute#love

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Finally got this on DVD after months of waiting, love this movie! #yay#evildead#horror#scary#d#dvd#happy#movie

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I need this DVD in my life.

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omfg im crying

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The way they look at each other… Forever shipping Amy and Rory ❤❤❤

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→ Amy & Rory | Wherever You Will Go - YouTube

This literally just ripped out my heart and had me in tears but this is too cute and perfect song for Amy and Rory. Miss them so much!

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I miss rory and amy so fucking much. The angels take manhattan episode was soul destroying. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Omfg, why!? Its not fair, i loved them so much.

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Love being tanned 😊👌

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Anyone know what this is it’s for a logo quiz, help please!?

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I miss being younger when I didn’t care about how much I weighed or how my hair looked or if my outfit was socially acceptable. I miss not caring what people think about me. I miss playing make believe games. I miss having a decent nights sleep every night but most of all I miss just not having a care in the world or realising how scary life can be.

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