if only i could lose weight like i lose friends

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Good Morning. 

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what! Holy shit. Rip peaches

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i have one or two passwords for everything if you figured them out you could probably take over my life

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When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package. – Walking Dead (Episode 2)

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So my German teacher told us this story once



He was in Germany, sitting outside, observing an American family with two young children who did not speak German. This one drunk man, who is totally hammered and can hardly walk happens to stand nearby and start peeing on the wall. The little girl, disgusted, says, “Gross!” To which the man replies, “Danke,” (German for ‘thank you’). In German, the word ‘gross’ means ‘big’.


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My days going to be spend being in bed watching netflix 😴💕 #lazysunday#sunday#selfie#tired#netflix#yay

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The juniors today got letters from first graders because their prom is Friday telling them not to drink and drive and stuff and this one guy in my AP Bio class got one that said “dont do cokine intil your 21” 

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